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Michael Barton Cain

CVR/SE-nummer: 92259250

Hello and Welcome to Lammas


My name is Michael Barton Cain. This page introduces my company, Lammas, and the work I do. More detailed information, news and contacts are to be found on the other pages. You can start by checking out my Europass CV.

Get back to me with comments, information or requests for services on or call me on +45 25336675.

Lammas is about activities in various fields of language and communication.

All my adult life I have been a teacher and educator, a writer, translator and narrator.


Commercially, I do translations: Danish-English, English-Danish and also translations into English from other Scandinavian languages, from French and from German. I also work as a speaker in a variety of ways.

In the last 25 years I have worked with all kinds of texts, but I am selective about the work I do. I like to feel 'in tune' with a text.

So why the name, 'Lammas'?

The age-old festival of Lammas takes place around 1 August and marks the first of three harvest festivals. Lammas is connected with the grain harvest. 

The festival is still celebrated by many people as a time of renewal, prosperity and thanksgiving.

Until the simplification of the liturgical calendar, the Catholic Church celebrated 'Lammas Day' or 'Loaf Mass Day' on 1 August (the feast of St. Peter in Chains), as a thanksgiving day for the wheat harvest - the wheat used to make Communion bread.

In the Celtic tradition, Lammas goes under the name of Lughnasadh, one of the eight divisions of the Celtic year, falling about half way between the summer solstice and the autumnal equinox. At all events, it is a festival of praise and gratitude, balancing at the transition from summer to autumn.

I was born in the section of the year that begins with Lammas and am of Irish origin.


The season, name and significance of Lammas seem to fit what I stand for.

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